Stramongate Dentist Kendal, General & Cosmetic Dental Services

  • General Dental Treatment
    Rubber Dam: This is the gold standard for restorative treatment. The dentist isolates the tooth or teeth using a rubber sheet which prevents saliva and blood from interfering in the treatment area. This also helps avoid the ingestion of water during treatment and allows you to relax during your dental
    Stramongate Dentist Kendal Rubber Dam Treatment
    Tooth Coloured Fillings: Why should fillings be grey if our teeth are not? White fillings done well are incredibly strong and look so realistic that you can’t even see that the filling is present.

    Ask for White Fillings at Stramongate Dental Surgery in Kendal
    Root Canal Procedure: This complex treatment stops infections and saves teeth that would otherwise require extraction. Our practice is lucky enough to have a dentist with a Masters Degree in root canal treatment.

    Crowns: These are the perfect solution if a tooth has lost a lot of natural structure due to decay or fracture. Also after a tooth has had root canal treatment, a crown can prevent fracture of the tooth.

    Bridge: This a structure made of two crowns and a false tooth in the middle which provides a great solution for a missing tooth.

    Veneers: These are very thin artificial covers for your teeth that improve their colour, shape and size. They are comparable to false fingernails.

    Dentures: This is a solution for a patient who is missing a number of teeth. These can be made of plastic, metal or a flexible material. Our dentures are made from the best materials available so they can be as small and as realistic as possible.

    Extractions: Removal of teeth are much easier nowadays due to improved techniques and better materials available.

    Dental Implants: This is the most tooth-like restoration available. If you lose a tooth and would like it replaced, an implant is the perfect solution. Implants do not need to be anchored to your remaining teeth, preventing tooth damage and improving oral hygiene.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    Cosmetic Treatment is a minimally invasive approach to improve your smile.

    This can be achieved with dental bonding using cosmetic white fillings. Cosmetic white fillings are available in a large range of shades which will match your remaining teeth perfectly creating a natural and stunning result.

    Cosmetic Dental Treatment at Stramongate Dentist in Kendal Cumbria

    Also, replacing aged metal-based crowns with fully porcelain crowns offers a much more natural looking smile.

  • Teeth Whitening
    Teeth Whitening is a very easy way to improve your smile!

    Whitening done by dental professionals is a very safe and non invasive procedure. More and more patients are having this simple treatment before their other dental treatment is performed, as it improves the final result.

    Our commitment to excellence made us choose Enlighten®, which in our opinion is the most efficient and safe whitening treatment available.

    We are proud to say that we are an Enlighten® Accredited Professional Teeth Whitening Centre.
    Enlighten Teeth Whitening Cumbria

    Teeth Whitening Cast Studies Before & After

    Enlighten Teeth Whitening Kendal Case Studies 1
    Enlighten Teeth Whitening Kendal Case Studies 1a
    Enlighten Teeth Whitening Kendal Cumbria Case Studies 2
    Enlighten Teeth Whitening Kendal Cumbria Case Studies 2a
    Enlighten Teeth Whitening Kendal Cumbria Case Studies 3
    Enlighten Teeth Whitening Kendal Cumbria Case Studies 3b
  • Preventive Treatment
    Preventive treatment is one of the key strategies at Stramongate Dental Surgery.

    We focus on improving our patients' oral hygiene technique to prevent gum disease and cavities in the future.

    We provide fluoride application to reduce sensitivity and strengthen teeth.

    Fluoride Treatment for sensitive teeth at your local Kendal Dentist, Stramongate Dental Surgery

  • Mouth Cancer Screening
    All patients receive a regular mouth cancer examination using the Identafi® oral cancer screening system free of charge.

    Early signs of mouth cancer are sometimes missed by the naked eye. The Identafi® oral cancer screening system uses a revolutionary light-wave technology that can help to detect abnormalities that may lead to mouth cancer, enabling this to be treated as soon as possible.

    Early detection means early treatment and a more favourable outcome as a result.
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